Brent Walker is a third generation Arizonan whose knowledge of the southwestern landscape is both intimate and enlightened. As a child, Walker traveled extensively throughout the southwest with his family to distant and varied landscapes. Many were remote and more than a few no longer exist. This vanishing of the southwestern landscape influenced Walker in his painting to not only retrieve those images he remembers so well, but to search for and artistically express those of the new Southwest.

His roots travel deep into the history of the region with his grandfather, Crutcher “Silver Slim” Rucker, who earned the title of World Champion Bronc Rider in 1926. He was later shot and killed in a hold-up “gone wrong’ in Grants, New Mexico. Walker’s grandmother entertained audiences by having cigarettes bullwhipped from her lips. Her photograph is still hanging along historic Route 66, in the El Rancho Hotel in Gallup, where she worked for many years. 

Drawn to painting at an early age, Walker thrived in the bohemianesque Salt River Valley arts community of the sixties and seventies. He turned to every avenue available for instruction in the arts in the region at that time; soaking up those visions and experiences like a human sponge and then decidedly rearranging them into art.

Working with acrylics, pastels and pencil, Walker has expanded his range to include seascapes and vistas from beyond his Arizonan backdrop. From California, Colorado, New Mexico and his beloved Arizona, he finds the artistic passion to immerse himself into his work.

“By painting in multilayered, overlapping, geometric grid technique, which creates depth and movement, I hope to capture nature’s patterns and rhythms. The world is a hectic place. My purpose is to remove the viewer to a more peaceful and tranquil setting.”


Brent Walker

1209 Overstreet Drive

Prescott, AZ 86303

Currently showing at the ‘Tis Gallery

105 S. Cortez Street

Prescott, Arizona 86303

Phone 928-775-0223


Brent Walker

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